Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pennvolvement?

Pennvolvement is a web platform for companies and organizations to post volunteer opportunities for University of Pennsylvania students.

I am an organization. How do I use Pennvolvement?

Go to the home page and fill out your information to sign up. Then go to 'Create a Post' to post your opportunity. To edit or delete your listing, vist my profile, where you can also update your information.

I am a student. How do I use Pennvolvement?

There is no need to make an account. Simply browse using the opportunities tab. You may also search using the search bar or filter opportunities based on category.

How can I have students sign up for my event?

Currently, we are just a matching service. So, it is important that you provide a relevant link when creating your event.

Can I edit my event?

Yes, from the 'My Profile' Page.

Do I have to delete my own events after they have passed?

No, our system deletes them for you.

Who runs this service?

PennLabs ( developed this platform which was sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Assembly.